"I'm a fanatic about service. It's really important to me that people stand behind their products, and they definitely do. Four months after starting the customized preventive maintenance program, there have been no breakdowns with our vacuums and my staff is so much happier."

Elnora Love
Housekeeping Manager for Resorts Casino

"The training we get free from 1Source has been great. We're moving towards a day of training every month. I anticipate that it's going to be very beneficial by reducing repairs and chemical waste."

Vincent Lee
Owner of a ServiceMaster franchise

"We’ve had a great relationship with 1Source. They’ve been supplying us for years and they deliver on time and as expected. They are also great supporters of our mission, with volunteers and other support, too."

Caron Byrd
Executive Director, Ronald McDonald House, Memphis

"They’re very accommodating and proactively check with us to make sure everything is on track. Once they conducted a study of our hygiene paper products and showed us how we could save money by using a single system. The whole process was seamless from the study to installation."

Venita Smith
National Civil Rights Museum

"Our experience with 1Source has been great. They’re highly responsive to our needs and any requests for product information. They’ve been a good partner for us to work with."

Cederick Bryson

"1Source is absolutely wonderful. They’re always efficient, courteous, and competitive. They have a very good selection of products, but when we ask for something beyond, they go out of their way to provide what we need."

Terry Smithson
People’s Custom Rx Pharmacy

"From the beginning, they have been wonderful to us. They are faithful about getting answers and calling in experts when we need it. They have truly exceeded all expectation."

Kathleen Nobbman
Second Presbyterian Church